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XR Boston held a Tax Day Action at the Fed Reserve, demanding the Massachusetts and federal government to spend our tax dollars on renewables instead of bailing out fossil fuel corporations

Taxes Renewable Energy Action Federal Reserve Fossil Fuels

Decades of systemic racism and human rights violations has contributed to the deaths and disappearances of thousands of Indigenous women and girls, constituting a genocide

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Native Lives Matter Article MMIW

The fashion industry produces a massive 10% of global greenhouse emissions

Ecological Emergency Greenwashing Article Fashion Climate Crisis

Scientific reports show that biodiversity loss and ecological destruction are the main drivers of the Sixth Mass Extinction

Sixth Mass Extinction Biodiversity Ecological Emergency Ecocide Article IPBES

The government is here to protect and serve us - Let's get the voices heard up and down the ballot this November

Vote Climate Sixth Mass Extinction Ecological Emergency Climate Crisis Online Action
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Governments must use our tax dollars to support a transition to clean energy, rather than propping up the dying and deathly fossil fuel industry

Taxes Renewable Energy Nadia Colburn Coronavirus Fossil Fuels Article