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A capitalist economy based on infinite growth is not sustainable for planetary health or the survival of life on earth

Doughnut Economics Capitalism Climate Crisis

Indigenous communities contribute very little to greenhouse gas emissions, but Indigenous knowledge is vital to the protection of biodiversity and the natural world

Native Lives Matter Just Transition Fourth Demand indigenous rights Article

States are taking legal action against fossil fuel corporations and US courts are slowing or stopping oil and natural gas pipelines

Fossil Fuels Lawsuit Keystone XL Dakota Access Pipeline Atlantic Coast Pipeline Article

Project Drawdown® is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help the world reach “Drawdown” - the point when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere start to steadily decline

Project Drawdown Resources Climate Crisis

XR Boston stands with Indigenous communities as they fight for equality under the law and to end the racial violence and discrimination they continue to face in their daily lives

Native Lives Matter Statement Fourth Demand indigenous rights