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Ecological destruction and factory farms are creating the perfect conditions for viruses to jump from animals to humans

Sixth Mass Extinction Animal Agriculture Pandemic Ecological Emergency Zoonotic Disease Article

Scientists worry that the human body has not evolved to withstand rising temperatures caused from human-induced global heating

Sixth Mass Extinction Water Shortage Heat Waves Ecological Emergency Article Climate Crisis

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2025, half of the world's population will be living under water-stress exacerbated by global heating and ecological destruction

Water Shortage Drought Ecological Emergency Article Climate Crisis

Wells Fargo is the second worst banker of fossil fuels in the world, and #1 for fracking

Closed For Good Sixth Mass Extinction Banking on Climate Change Online Action Wells Fargo

XR Boston held a Tax Day Action at the Fed Reserve, demanding the Massachusetts and federal government to spend our tax dollars on renewables instead of bailing out fossil fuel corporations

Taxes Renewable Energy Action Federal Reserve Fossil Fuels