Protest Health and Safety Training

Local street medics are offering a two hour training on how to keep yourself and your friends safer at protests, ahead of the Global Climate Strikes on September 20 and September 27. We'll be teaching about:

  • getting ready for a protest: self care, dressing for success, and the importance of buddies
  • being safe during a protest: a taxonomy of protest attendees, practicing situational awareness, staying & spreading calm, preventing & recognizing heat illnesses
  • just in case: being safer in the event of police or fascist violence, specifically chemical weapons and handcuffs (this training does NOT include how to do an eye flush)
  • after the action: coping/unwinding/transforming tough events

This event is co-hosted by Extinction Rebellion. It is a general protest health and safety training for anyone participating in the Global Climate Strikes. The training is from 7-9pm.


The building is wheelchair accessible, with a ramp outside our Francesca Avenue entrance, a small elevator between our first and second floors, and a large unisex bathroom on our ground floor.