Rebel Ride for Car Free Boston

Aug. 16, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

Copley Square, Boston

Join XR as we reclaim the public roads of Boston by bicycle. We will bring a few XR flags, and some flyers to hand out. We'll be taking part in a long standing celebration of transportation alternatives, along with thousands of rebels around the world!

About Rebel Ride (and Critical Mass)

This ride was inspired by Critical Mass, and seeks to capture the spirit of that global movement, but we are not organizing with Critical Mass Boston (to the extent that this is organizing :)

The Rebel Ride is a vision of a world free from fossil fuel burning, single occupancy vehicles. We are campaigning for nothing less that car free cities - a complete ban on private vehicle use within downtown Boston. This will require radical changes to our society, especially public transportation. We can no longer build our way out of road congestion and it is time for rapid changes in all aspects of our society if we are to keep global warming below safe limits.

The ride will be festive, fun, safe and above all courteous and respectful to all road users. Take back your city and your public roads! Show the world how fun and joyous a tour of the city by bicycle can be. And help us save the planet.

IMPORTANT: We are looking for people to advertise the ride on morning bike commute routes in teams of two from 8am-9am next week. When you RSVP please note if you can help out.


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