[Solidarity with FRRACS] No Compressor Gathering

Oct 03

Enbridge is gearing up to turn on their compressor station on.

In response, we will be gathering on Saturday, October 3, for a procession with the Red Rebels, as we bear witness to their destruction.

Join us on Saturday for a silent procession and standout on the bridge. Please wear a mask and maintain distance from attendees.

You can park at Lovell's Grove (located under the Fore River Bridge on the Calpine side of the access road). Or you can park at 352 Bridge Street, Weymouth, which is a 10 minute walk away.

The Red Rebel Brigade is an international performance troupe dedicated to illuminating the global environmental crisis and supporting those fighting to save humanity and all species from mass extinction. We work closely with Extinction Rebellion We move slowly, silently in order to connect to others directly, without words. The red we wear represents the common blood all of us share with all species who share the earth. Our protest is completely nonviolent. The Red Rebels channel the full range of human emotions that arise in the face of the dangers of mass extinction – grief, love, hope, despair, comfort and rage. We seek to support and inspire everyone who is working to save life on earth. You can email the Red Rebels at


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