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[Solidarity Action] Put Peakers in the Past Stand-out Protest

Jul 30

Speak out for Clean Air! Come join our Put Peakers in the Past Coalition for this stand-out protest to let folks know about Pittsfield Generating’s peaker power plant, now filing for renewal of its Air Quality Permit. This peaker plant: - Over 30 years old - Runs on fracked gas or oil - Only runs when demand on the grid hits peak, yet is the 2nd largest polluter in Berkshire Co. - Emits super-fine PM2.5 particulate matter, nitrous oxides and sulfur oxides - Contributes to respiratory and cardiovascular health complications - Is directly across from Allendale Elementary, about a mile and a half from from Morningside and Williams and John Reid Middle School, and less than two miles from PHS and Herberg Middle School - Located in the heart of Pittsfield, right near Environmental Justice neighborhoods - Could be replaced by zero-emissions grid-scale battery storage, charged by zero-emissions renewable energy. We’re standing out in the streets of Pittsfield to let everyone know that this aging fossil fuel plant is polluting our air and needs to convert to zero emissions. The Mass Department of Environmental Protection needs to deny the Air Quality Permit, and we need folks in our community to demand this when the time for the permit hearing comes.

**NOTICE: Poles and sticks for signs, flags and banners are NOT allowed in Pittsfield. Please don't bring anything attached to a pole or stick. 🙂

Do you plan to come to the stand out? Let us know by RSVP. RSVP here:


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