No Eastie Substation

Feb 21

Join us for a protest against the proposed substation in East Boston, which is just one of many examples of environmental racism in the greater Boston area.

Let's make it colorful and wear your favorite red sweater or a fire-themed costume. Substations can explode and catch fire when flooded.

We will march from the State house to the Boston City Hall Plaza with a stop at the Energy and Environmental Affairs Office. We demand from the responsible leaders to "Pull the plug on Eversource!" Please bring a small appliance (or a phone charger) to symbolize that.

Some background on the status on the Eastie Substation Approval Process:

The EFSB is currently deliberating the public “hearing”. Hundreds of people logged on, more than 50 testified, speaking out against the substation. The local community provided expert options from across the field. Not a single person spoke in favor of the project. The EFSB whipped off any evidence, that has been brought forward during the hearing. Instead of filling the vacant environmental seat (previously Dr. Shalanda Baker), we gained Eversource’s attorney. An decision is expected on Feb 22.

In solidarity with Greenroots, we demand to restart the approval process of the Eastie substation with true community engagement, reopen the question of the project’s need and, if needed, move the substation to the airport.


Wheelchair accessible