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Feb 26

Embodied Antiracism is a practice that addresses the trauma of racism. We engage in this practice because the climate crisis is a trauma inflicted on all beings by White supremacy. White people make up 20% of the world population, yet the White governments of the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe are responsible for 61% of global carbon emissions.

White-body supremacy culture inflicts trauma and stress in our daily lives. Trauma and stress is a lived and felt experience. It is stored and easily accumulates in our bodies. It is passed on genetically, biochemically, and culturally between people and generations. While a cognitive understanding of antiracism is necessary, that alone will not be effective in overcoming White-body supremacy. In order to act in an antiracist way and to be truly supportive of Black, Indigenous and People of Color, we must have practices to heal from trauma and to unlearn embedded, often unconscious, racist culturally conditioned behaviors.


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