santa coal.jpg

Climate Inaction is Naughty (letter writing session)

Nov 30

This year many politicians are on the naughty list. From climate silence to criminal climate inaction, our politicians aren't taking leadership in our last years of being able to avoid total social and ecological collapse.

Join us to write letters to politicians about their naughty levels of climate inaction. In this session, we are going to write our legislators letters 'from Santa' explaining why they are on the naughty list.

We will use these letters in a couple of weeks, when a couple of us are going to dress as Santa, elves, and reindeer to deliver the letters along with a large paper mache coal chunk. In addition to the standard letter writing campaign, we will get some great pictures and tag their social accounts #NaughtyPoliticians #CoalForClimateInaction.

If you would like to write a letter but cannot make this session, would like to dress up for a (socially distanced) delivery of the letters, or could collect newspaper for our paper mache coal, that would be awesome! Please email for more details.


Run time 8 to 9pm.