Cambridge + Somerville Spray Chalk Run

Cambridge and Somerville. It's time to tell the truth about the climate end ecological emergency. It's time to act on climate justice.

If you won't tell the public the truth about the crisis - we'll do it for you. We are going to spray chalk calls to action on the climate emergency in high traffic areas. Note - we will not be damaging property and spray chalk will wash off

We will definitely have a team starting at 6:00 AM - so there is less foot traffic. If you would like to do a later time that evening, sign up and we will pair you with a night run team. Please sign up and we will reach out to you with our meet location and will coordinate on a list of targets. It is encouraged but not required that you have access to a bike - we'll be in touch to coordinate.


We will be walking / biking a good distance in between locations

climate justice 2.JPG