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[Justice Solidarity] Boston Stands With Black Lives

Jun 24

This rally is to show solidarity for the black community in the greater Boston area, and MA as a whole. The focus of this rally is to highlight the black community with black speakers. It is important to give the black community their narrative back and allow them to tell their story. Too many people in the white community, and beyond, have never heard someone from the black community talk about their experiences, in person, as a black person growing up in Massachusetts. There is still too much racism in MA and Bostonians need to be more educated!

This will be a peaceful rally to honor the black community. Fireworks, airhorns, pepper spray, flare guns, smoking, alcohol and drug use NOT permitted.

The speakers will be talking from the gazebo in the middle of The Common!

Please keep this protest healthy by practicing social distancing and wearing a facial covering and gloves!

A list of goals: To create actual change, our representatives must support: 1. Ending qualified immunity for the police. This is a shield from the law. It protects police actions if they’re acting in their capacity as police. So, you can’t sue them when they shoot or beat up your loved ones. 2. Ending the "fear defense" authorized by the Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor. This defense allows cops to use an unreasonable amount of force if they say that they "feared for life," no matter how unlikely that fear is. This is how they get away with murder after they're charged. 3. Taking away the riot gear, tanks, tear gas, and other military equipment from police departments, without exception. They are the police, not the military. They don't have the training or the restraint against unreasonable use of force required for these tools. 4. Defunding the police, including reducing police funding and re-allocating that money back into communities of color.

So, do something concrete today and leave a voicemail or email with your representatives asking for these four things. #BlackLivesMatter

This event is still being organized and updated To get updates, check out the Facebook page:


Sidewalk accessible