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CANCELLED - This talk will be rescheduled (with ASL interpreter) when COVID-19 is no longer a threat and we can legally assemble large groups of people.

  • A presentation with ASL, spoken word and visuals -

    We are in the midst of an unprecedented climate crisis and ecological breakdown that threatens the continuation of life as we know it: record atmospheric carbon levels, global temperature rise, deforestation, plastic pollution, mass extinction of species. Our current climate and ecological emergency, without unprecedented mitigation and adaptation efforts, is going to adversely affect us all. A livable planet is everyone’s right and everyone’s struggle. We are all needed in facing this gravest threat ever to civilization and life on earth. Our situation is dire, but is it hopeless? No, and we are not alone in our concern; from this we can take heart. Together we might just be able to “pull it off” and bequeath a habitable planet to our children. Join us to hear the latest information on the state of our planet, and learn how to become part of a global movement of social transformation for a livable future. Together we will examine the science behind the urgent warnings and explore the kinds of action that may yet divert us from our current, catastrophic course.

    Are you part of a community that would like a presentation on what the science is telling us and how you can be part of a global movement to insure a livable future? Contact us.

    Does your community have any particular requirements to make the information accessible? Please let us know; and we will do our best to make it happen!


Robbins Library is handicap accessible, and this presentation will include ASL interpretation along with spoken word and visuals.

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