WMBR Nightly News Features XR Boston

On Friday May 7, XR Boston was the lead story on WMBR Nightly News. WMBR is MIT’s radio station. The segment focused on our recent Earth Day parade and traffic blockade.

WMBR Nightly News presents a diverse selection of progressive news and analysis from the local to the global five nights a week. The presentation on Extinction Rebellion Boston was part of a series called Local Fridays. Each program is a weekly snapshot of events happening in Cambridge and the greater Boston area. The series focuses on issues and listens to voices not often heard in the mainstream.

WMBR introduced the segment on Extinction Rebellion Boston:

"Climate activists with the group Extinction Rebellion Boston recently marched from the State House to Massachusetts Avenue where they used a 30 foot sailboat to block traffic for several hours in Back Bay. As WMBR’s Dave Goodman reports, the group’s goal is to teach a lesson: the planet is heating up rapidly and all of its inhabitants are at risk."

Listen to the segment here.

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