Vote Climate: A call to action

Extinction Rebellion does not endorse any party or politician. Our movement is beyond politics. We need everyone. Too many politicians have vested interests with the fossil fuel industry and their climate plans are not aggressive or fast enough to avoid catastrophic risk. We do encourage voting for candidates with bold climate plans, and who will be willing to respond to our demands for urgent action.

Climate scientists, virtually unanimously, predict catastrophic results from accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Earth is on track for several degrees of heating. Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets will melt, causing a sea level rise that will flood coastal cities, including large sections of Boston, Cambridge, and many other Massachusetts communities. Deserts will expand and render large areas of the planet uninhabitable, forcing millions of climate refugees to migrate, disrupting societies and economies.

Our governments hold a responsibility to protect all lives. All of us have the right to clean air and water, to food, and shelter. Climate and ecological breakdown threaten our fundamental needs. To be silent in the face of injustice, in the face of an emergency that threatens the safety and ultimately the survival of life on earth, is criminal. We demand that town, state, and federal government declare a climate emergency and implenent policies to transition from fossil fuels to renewables right away.

Vote Climate

We are empowered as environmentalists to effect change through town, state, and federal government. We go to the streets, and we go to the polls for every election. This upcoming election is so important in deciding the trajectory of Earth and whether it is habitable or uninhabitable.

The current administration has been desperately passing every anti-environmental motion they can get through, including policies that would outrage many people on the local level, including disrupting the Clean Water Act. And there are certainly issues that effect New England in particular. The opening up of the marine sanctuary off NE for commercial fishing was big enough news that it was in the British paper the guardian.

Take Action

Extinction Rebellion is apolitical, but we support policies and action on the climate and ecological emergency. For the upcoming election that include's this climate plan, although we feel it should be stronger and move more urgently to transition the grid to 100% renewables. We will continue disruption until we get a citizens assembly and a plan that responds to the enormity of the crisis.

  1. Register to Vote or sign up here, if you live in MA, and get your family and friends to do the same!
  2. Sign up for Vote by Mail in MA so you don't have to go into big crowds during the pandemic. If you don't live in MA, check in to see whether your state is offering vote by mail for this upcoming election.
  3. Research where politicians stand on climate and environment, this is the most urgent issue of our time and decides whether our Earth remains habitable or not.
  4. Work with Swing Left to make calls, send letters, and donate.
  5. Use social media to encourage people to #VoteClimate

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