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XR Baltimore Spring Climate Grief Circle

Apr 03

"This is a dark time, filled with suffering and uncertainty. Like living cells in a larger body, it is natural that we feel the trauma of our world. So don’t be afraid of the anguish you feel, or the anger or fear, because these responses arise from the depth of your caring and the truth of your interconnectedness with all beings." - Joanna Macy

Join us for a circle of ceremonial sharing as we dive into the pain we feel for the collective suffering of our planet. We will be practicing tonglen meditation and working through the painful emotions that arise from being activists on earth at this difficult time in history. Please bring a dream, vision, or spontaneous insight to share as we will be working with some collective unconscious materials.

Spring is the time of planting new seeds that require the deep nourishing compost of our grief and the water of our tears to grow. Be ready to plant these metaphorical seeds of hope which against all odds, in the depth of our sorrow may sprout and grow into the world we are fighting to create together.

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