WOC Newburyport Jun 20.png

Winds of Change Celebration at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport

Jun 20

Coronavirus has made us all STOP.

It has shown us how unfair our world is, and it’s clear how much we rely on other countries for our everyday needs. But we have seen people all around us rising to the challenges and we are all re-discovering the most important things in life: health, looking after each other and being ready to take on our problems together. We have seen how quickly governments can move to try and help, if they want to. The air has become cleaner, we have been creating less of the gases that heat up the planet, we can see it’s possible to have a world that doesn’t depend on dirty fossil fuel. Before we have a chance to go back to bad old ‘business as usual’, now is the time to celebrate the sheer love, care and inventiveness of humans and inspire ourselves and others that a green and fair world is possible. We may not be able to raise our voices on the streets but we can nail our colors to the mast, let them fly and make sure our hearts are to fly on the winds of change. Lets bedeck our homes and gardens with messages and symbols of appreciation, hope, solidarity and just demands.

Join us on Sunday June 20 at Maudslay State Park at 1pm. We will meet across the street from the parking lot. This is a socially distant event. Don't forget your mask!


Grassy areas and some paved paths. Wheelchair accessible restrooms.