WHDH Tell the Truth Media Action

WHDH NEWS, and most of the other local TV news programs, have not made a sustained effort to inform, educate and report on climate science, both the short-term and long-term impacts of burning coal, oil and natural gas. (The one local exception is NBC10 and weather reporter Chris Gloniger’s “Adjusting to Climate Change” reporting.) Like the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis is an emergency!

Join Extinction Rebellion-Boston for the launch of the Tell the Truth Media campaign! We will meet outside of the WHDH News station, Friday Sept 4, 4:30pm at 7 Bullfinch Place in Boston’s Government Center.

WHDH News needs to end its climate silence and tell the truth about global heating’s impacts on the Boston area happening now: more coastline flooding and beach erosion, higher summer and winter temperatures, warmer ocean waters, changes in fishing and lobster populations, and more extreme weather events.

This action is part of an international Extinction Rebellion initiative demanding truth from local news media. XR chapters from the UK, Australia and US all have activities planned for September 4 and beyond.

Join us! This will be an in person action. Masks are required to participate. Please sign up below. And we have theatrical roles available!


Sidewalk accessible

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