Target, Don’t Target Little Village!

Aug 11

XR Chicago is working with LVEJO on an online environmental justice action.

Little Village is a neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago and home to a vibrant community of primarily Latinx families. Thanks to a long and successful fight led by the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO), two polluting coal plants in the area were forced to shut down. The neighborhood wants to redevelop the site for the community’s benefit.

Instead, the old coal plant site is set to become a warehouse and diesel truck hub, further eroding air quality in the area and adding insult to injury. And TARGET CORPORATION will be its primary diesel-truck-runnin’ tenant.

OUR GOAL is to have Target vacate its lease with the site’s owners Exchange 55 and Hilco. We will be contacting Target with a concerted social media campaign on Tuesday August 11.

If you’re interested, and know others who might be too, please sign up using this Google doc so that we can send you details on how to act. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIKqRaOsartWf-9Gu8L08GeDEsaVUNd7wBd1pUVkiAeLZqqQ/viewform

Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/236572257403210/