[Solidarity Action] May Day, International Workers Day

May 01

Let's join together for an all day celebration of May Day 2021 starting at 1:00 PM on Boston Common. The Rally will be followed by a March to Nubian Square. Upon arrival at Nubian Square, there will be another Rally followed by a night March at 6:00 PM cosponsored by New England Front Against Fascism.

Participants are asked to please wear a mask and keep a six foot distance apart. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

The deep economic and social crisis we are living through is unprecedented in contemporary history. The death toll in the US from the coronavirus has far surpassed the total number of US deaths from World War II, the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. While so many of us have been dying, Wall Street has been soaring to all-time highs! The depth of the crisis was underscored when fascist lackeys of Trump and Wall Street took over the Capitol in an effort to steal and overturn the election. The response of the repressive forces would have been qualitatively different if crowds opposing systemic racism and social injustice had stormed the Capitol. From the evidence emerging, many folks now understand that many of the police are merely fascists in uniform and cannot be relied upon to defend our rights.

The brutal murders of Black folks by racist police continue while the guilty cops run around free. The broad resistance in the streets to police brutality will continue until there is justice on a broad scale. Let’s celebrate this resistance! In response to Anti-Asian hate, solidarity with our Asian sisters and brothers is on the rise. Let’s celebrate this resistance! The resistance can be seen among workers as well. From Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama to striking MNA nurses in Worcester, workers are organizing unions and fighting the bosses. Let’s celebrate this resistance!

In spite of widespread support for our migrant sisters and brothers, deportations continue, and millions of immigrants lack driver’s licenses and legal permanent resident status. The resistance to this Federal repression will continue. Let’s celebrate this resistance! From record high temperatures and droughts to deep snow and ice in Texas, the future of extreme climate is upon us. The fossil fuel industries, the war machine, and imperial wars have faced world-wide resistance. Let’s celebrate this resistance!


Sidewalks are wheelchair accessible