Seeds of Light: The Solstice Concert

Dec 21

(((Seeds Of Light))) S O L The first of a biannual solstice series! An evening of music, spoken word, and community celebrating our deep connection with nature and reflecting on what's happening around the world, both in the climate and in society. Everyone is welcome to share the space. ✨

We'll kick things off with spoken word performances from members of the community and follow with musical performances by Eleanor Elektra and Jireh Calo.

JIREH CALO An avid explorer of sound and rhythm, different world cultures and innovative approaches to music, Manila-born vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jireh Calo is an ever-evolving composer, arranger, and producer. Growing up mostly self-taught, her music embraces the spirit of freedom, improvisation and exploration. She draws much inspiration from jazz traditions, indigenous oral traditions, African and Latin Afro/Cuban rhythms, American folk, hip hop culture, soul music, and a variety of world music.

ELEANOR ELEKTRA Her practice spans songwriting, printmaking and installation work. Her music combines elements of folk, jazz and classical music within the songwriter idiom to create unique cinematic songs. Largely a self taught guitarist, her playing is both technical and idiosyncratic. Eleanor has toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada. She will be playing with the FULL BAND for this show (yeehaw!)


Wheelchair accessible