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Santa's Underwater

Nov 29

Every year Newburyport celebrates the start of the holiday season with a Santa visit and Christmas tree lighting. This year, for covid distancing, Newburyport will be holding this event as a parade around town.

At the rate the ice caps are melting, Santa's house will be underwater soon. So this year, XR is going to send our own delegation from the north pole. Join us as reindeer or elf or XR flag bearer. We will have individual "boat"s for people to row around the festival to remind people how both Newburyport and the north pole will be underwater.

Meet at 230pm at the CVS on Pond Street in Newburyport. We will join the parade route for a bit to raise the climate alarm through humor and christmas joy. The event will run until 5pm or so. We will be keeping social distance and requiring masks.

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Sidewalk accessible