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Regen 101 Workshop

Feb 11

This is a wonderful introduction to Regenerative Cultures for those new to XR and an essential experience for those who are already involved in the movement. The online workshop has been adapted from an original 6-hour face-to-face workshop. Together we will cover: What are Regenerative Cultures & Earth Emotions, Self-care & burnout alongside Emotional debriefing.

The Regen 101 Workshop was created in response to the need for XR Working Groups, and the wider community, to understand Regenerative Cultures as an essential strategy for Extinction Rebellion. As a workshop, it is experiential, practical, and educational and weaves through the topics so that the group leaves with an understanding of embodied Regenerative Activism. HOMEWORK: The Regen 101 Booklet can be downloaded here: It is intended as a supportive reference as well as a valuable, stand-alone resource for Regenerative Cultures. It is useful to read the booklet before attending the workshop.


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