polar bear

Ocean People and Polar Bear Brigade Launch

Sep 30

Disruptive street performance is part of the Extinction Rebellion DNA. It is one of the more powerful tools to connect with people on the emotional level required to get people to open up to the climate crisis.

We've got a beautiful red rebel brigade you may have seen at actions. Now XR is introducing two new performance groups: 1) the polar bear brigade and 2) the ocean people! The polar bear brigade will carry coolers and beg for ice (image) - and get a 'warm reception' from people of all ages. The ocean people work in tandem, moving in a motion like the rising seas (image).

Join us from 7 to 8pm EST to learn more about these roles. Register here!

We have two upcoming opportunities for these groups to perform in Flood Newburyport - raising awareness of how rising sea levels will disrupt historic areas of Newburyport. Our first event will be on 10/3 and our second will be on 10/10. If you would like to participate in the future but cannot make these dates, please still come and we can include you in future actions!

Our rough agenda is: check in, introduction to the two performance groups, break out into the two groups to learn more about how to prepare and perform for the role. If you cannot make it to this video call, but would like to learn more, please email Leslie leslie.dicola@gmail.com for the Ocean People and Rusty for Isbjorn_is_sinking@protonmail.com for the Polar Bear Brigade.