'Actionar' to Stop Eastie Sub Station

BACKGROUND: Eversource is attempting to build an electrical substation in a residential area of East Boston, in a flood zone next to the Chelsea Creek, yards away from a playground, within 800 feet of 8 million gallons of jet fuel. This neighborhood has already been overburdened by pollution from the nearby highway and Logan Airport. Substation explosions are frequent occurrences: one exploded in Burbank CA on April 10, 2020, and another exploded in Madison, WI in July 2019. This substation may not even be necessary!!

The Union of Concerned Scientists performed a study which concluded that the East Boston neighborhood could develop sufficient solar capacity to power 2000 homes, for a lower cost than building the substation. This alternative would directly benefit the community, and improve emergency resilience. The environmental justice organization GreenRoots has been actively opposing the substation for years, and they could use our support!

ACTION: Take action with us! You can join us at 7-8pm tomorrow to take a series of online actions all at once. Or you can participate in a coordinated online action each day using the 'for more information' link below.