Moral Support Rally for Coastal Zone Management

On Tuesday, November 12, the Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) will decide whether or not to allow Enbridge to attempt construction of their fracked-gas compressor station in Weymouth.

To help CZM make the right decision, we will be hosting a moral support rally outside of their offices from 8:30-10:00am Tuesday morning. Please bring teddy bears, supportive signs, and/or any items of moral encouragement for CZM to make the right decision. We will be bringing a gold star in anticipation of them making the only acceptable choice for our neighborhoods, our health, and our climate.

While rain is expected on Tuesday feel free to wear comfortable clothing including snuggies, onesies, and cuddly animal costumes. We want to create a supportive environment for CZM and will not be targeting them as they are the last State agency with the opportunity to make the right decision.


Need to check but because it is a government office it should be accessible. (Not sure whether we are going inside?? TBD)