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XR Global Miki Kashtan Coaching Calls

Nov 29

The GS Trainings team is hosting coaching calls with Miki Kashtan.

This call will leave the space wide open for questions around whatever is most alive for us right now.

Last time we had an open ended call some of the following questions/topics were addressed: - How to make decisions at a national level within XR? - How to embed regenerative cultures in our activism that don't depend on burn out as a given? - How is it a mistake to see burn out as an individual question/affliction? - Strategies for clarifying boundaries

You can join the call here at our regular meeting space.

Run time 12pm to 1:30pm EST. For those who are interested in collectively discussing possible questions and points of interest before Miki arrives alongside GS Trainings EC and NVC Certified trainer Samuel Odhiambo, please join the call 30min in advance (11:30AM EST)

If this is your first time attending this call, please read this document before the call.

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