Newburyport Meditation for Declaring a Climate Emergency

Apr 06

Join us for a 20 minute silent meditation on declaring a climate emergency.

Tell the Truth: Our old way of high carbon use, expendable resources, extreme individualism at the expense of the whole, and assuming life will go on as we have known it, needs to be recalibrated. For this we need each other, we need to be truthful and act with urgency. We draw our hope from the living spirit of the Earth, and the compassion, truth telling, and power of community.

Come together: We invite one another to begin by bringing the power of declaring climate emergency into our meditation practice, our families, circles of friends, and mindfulness centers and to bring the power of our meditation practice into our work to halt the gathering storm of climate catastrophe. As part of Newburyport Extinction Rebellion’s Climate Emergency Week, we will bring silent sitting meditation to a public space to raise awareness of our planetary peril.

Rain date: Thursday, April 8

There are benches in the park, but feel free to bring your own cushion or crate. Signs will be available. You also can bring your own with a climate message.

Plan to follow COVID protocols (masks and 6’ distance). A COVID safety plan will be in force.

Brown Square is across the street from Newburyport City Hall.

We Are Earth’s Immune System Rising!

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This event is part of Extinction Rebellion Boston’s Climate Emergency Week. Follow the link to find out what else is in store!


Wheelchair accessible