Join us Thursday, Feb 13 to sing a few modified love songs urging climate action! 

4:30pm - 5pm: Rehearsal (optional) at Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston.

5pm - 5:30pm: Sing outside the Downtown Crossing T stop on Summer St in the pedestrian plaza near the T entrance.

5:30ish: Head into the T, likely riding the Red Line toward Harvard and singing on platforms and trains. Probably finish up around 6:30. 

Here are the songs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w_32ZrqAmbQv0J_f4-_8tsCfp_jscLQiZY7oCUAQcys/edit?usp=sharing. Song sheets will be provided.

Bring flags and wear red/hearts, etc if you can. No signs, too unwieldy. This is going to be fun!


Rehearsal 4:30pm-5pm Encuentro 5 NOT Wheelchair Accessible Singing at Downtown Crossing T Stop on Summer St, 5pm-5:30, IS Wheelchair Accessible