July Climate Grief Circle

Jul 14

Join us for a climate grief circle on Wednesday July 14th at 5:30 pm. There will be a general XR Boston community meeting following the grief circle. Feel free to stick around to hear about what's going on in the activist world!


This month we will explore what anger and grief we have with respect to the climate and ecological emergency. We will practice our deep listening skills through reflective empathy and perspective-taking. At the beginning of the meet up, there will be a primer on how to listen deeply, how to engage in care, and the different modes of empathy.​

This circle will last roughly 45 min - 60 min. Please arrive on time.

We will be in the large hall on the second floor of the church. There are big windows to open (if it's not raining too much) and lots of room to spread out. If the weather clears we may head outside.

Enter via the red door on the Linwood side or look for a note directing you to the elevator entrance. The church is by the bike path and there's a BlueBikes station there. Street parking. The 77 bus goes down Mass. Ave.

Look for XR flags. We will be sitting on the ground. Bring a cushion or chair if needed.


Public Park, accessibility may vary