Interactive meditation on climate crisis

INSIGHT DIALOGUE Practice Group With Jan Surrey and Annie Hoffman Sunday, Sept 8, 9-noon Art and Soul Studio, 91 Hampshire St Cambridge , easy parking on street

What would it mean to wholeheartedly face the magnitude of the growing threat to life on Earth? The Fall ID sessions will be dedicatedly to discovering and investigating what hinders our meeting and penetrating the full truth of the climate emergency, including the power structures that hold it in place. We will cultivate the factors of awakening (including mindfulness, tranquility, energy, joy, equanimity and compassion) that might allow us together to touch and bear the actuality of the crises we are facing today.
Coming face to face with each other and the facts of the climate emergency, we aspire to increase our capacity to engage skillfully and act wisely. Insight Dialogue is a fully engaged relational meditation practice in the Theravāda Insight tradition, originally taught by Gregory Kramer. We welcome those new to the practice as well as those with much experience. We do suggest some prior meditation experience. There will be periods of silent and relational practice, dhamma dialogue, and mindful movement.

Donation to Studio, $5-20,sliding as needed Teaching offered freely, Opportunity for Dana in the Buddhist tradition

Jan Surrey is an Insight Dialogue retreat teacher in the Insight Dialogue Community. For any questions, Jan can be reached at or 617-966-4898.


2-3 steps to enter building, narrow doorway