How to Talk About the Climate Crisis in These Urgent, Complicated Times

Jun 18

How to Talk About the Climate Crisis in These Urgent, Complicated Times Practice Session and Webinar Presented by XR Boston and Nadia Colburn, PhD

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Police brutality, threats to democracy, covid--our world is full of very serious emergencies, and we are being called to urgent action in a number of ways--and amidst it all, the climate and ecological crisis continues. After all, so many of these issues and their dire consequences stem from similar root causes embedded in our current system that sees people as disposable, that sees nature as disposable. But we are at a time of cultural shift--and we can be part of systemic change. The Black Lives Matter movement has reminded us of the power of our collective voice to make connections and call for change.

Join us for an evening to practice talking about the climate and ecological crisis and in making connections between these related emergencies and the emerging solutions. You'll be given practical tips and go into break-out rooms to practice.

It's difficult for many of us to talk about climate crisis to the people in our life at the best of times, and it can feel especially difficult now--but the very fact that it's difficult is a sign of just how essential these conversations are.

There is a cycle of silence around the climate and ecological crisis. It can feel uncomfortable to bring up the climate crisis, awkward, out of place to initiate conversations. This spiral of silence is convenient for the fossil fuel industry, which has spent 1 billion dollars since the Paris Agreement on spreading false and misleading information. That's why top climate scientists and activists say that one of the most important things we can do to help stop the climate crisis is talk about it!

Our time is running out to avoid catastrophic consequences of climate change that will affect all of us and all life on earth. To address the root causes of the climate crisis, we must have a radical re-imagining of our relationship to one another and to the earth. White supremacy, inequality, climate breakdown and ecological destruction all go hand in hand--this is a pivotal moment to make connections, break the silence, and get more comfortable imagining and talking about a better world and future--and what we can do to make it come about.

Our aim is not to replace conversations about racism and police brutality many of you are hopefully generating with your families and friends, but rather to make connections between these movements, to see the breadth of destruction, how we can have a more just transition, support the most vulnerable, and take the necessary steps forward to a more livable, healthy world for all.

This evening is designed for both beginner activists, who have little or no experience talking about the climate crisis, and for seasoned activists who want to practice honing their message and making connections between climate work and other pressing movements. It will guide you to speak from your own experiences, with both respect and urgency.

This evening is based on four short "How to Talk About the Climate Crisis" videos by Nadia Colburn, PhD. Nadia is a writing teacher and coach and will be joining us to help lead the presentation. We recommend watching the videos in advance but it's not a requirement.

Come join us and invite your friends and family to join us too! It should be a fun, supportive evening!

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