Extinction Rebellion Stenciling Workshop

2 p.m.

Please join us for a workshop on making your own Extinction Rebellion stencils. We will demonstrate how to cut simple stencil shapes, like hearts, as well as Extinction Rebellion images and text. You are welcome to make your own stencils along with us or simply watch and learn. We will also provide information on making your own spray chalk.

If you plan to follow along with the stencil portion of the workshop you will need the following materials: paper, scissors, at least two colors of acrylic paint, a brush or a sponge, a cup of water, tape, a pencil and pencil sharpener, and a paper bag.

If you want to make an Extinction Rebellion symbol and text then you will also need: tracing paper, an exacto knife, and a mat board. Please also print out this XR Stencil Template

This is a great video by rebels in Extinction Rebellion UK on how to make a wide array of stencil patterns of XR symbols. It's worth a watch:

If you want to go deeper, this is a great resource for Extinction Rebellion stencils:

The session will run for around 90 minutes. Open this Zoom link to join:


The event is online.