[Environmental Justice Solidarity] GreenRoots Fundraiser

This year, GreenRoots' Annual Evening on the Creek Fundraiser will look and feel different due to COVID-19, but this will not be any less fun! Please join GreenRoots and Chelsea's Local Artist, Silvia Lopez Chavez, as we paint a Community Mural of Resilience that will be unveiled at our Annual Meeting on September 17. Our hope is to bring our community together for a bit of fun while maintaining safe and following social distance guidelines. We have an ongoing rotating schedule allowing us to have up to 10 volunteer artists working on the mural with Silvia. We hope you will be able to join us but if you are not, we kindly ask, if you would consider supporting GreenRoots financially. Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to fight for Social and Environmental Justice during these unprecedented times.

GreenRoots works to achieve environmental justice and greater quality of life through collective action, unity, education and youth leadership across neighborhoods and communities. Join XR Boston in supporting this fundraiser.


Sidewalk accessible

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