Don't Suffolk-ate Belle Isle Marsh

Suffolk Downs Redevelopment meets Belle Isle Marsh

Please join us on World Wetlands Day (actually eve but close enough) to save the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation. #WetlandBiodiversityMatters #WorldWetlandsDay

Read the What's Up Eastie post about this issue.

Belle Isle Salt Marsh is being affected today by sea-level rise. This is causing “coastal squeeze” where the marsh would naturally start to migrate inland.

The state of Massachusetts is about to green light a massive development project adjacent to this vital ecosystem. This is a death sentence for hundreds of species of birds, and also our own ability to adapt to climate change.

The marsh is also a stop over point for migratory birds. If it is lost these birds won’t be able to stop flying. They will keep trying to go further but they won’t make it and they will die. We would also lose the carbon sink function of the marsh. Protecting and restoring ecosystems like this marsh is part of the solution to climate breakdown.

We will meet and enjoy music, chai and hot chocolate. We will learn about this beautiful wetland and why it must be preserved. We'll also have some creative symbolic action highlighting the self destructive results if we allowing this development to proceed.


Wheelchair accessible (event will be outside in parking lot). Some marsh trails may not be easy to access for everyone.