You are invited to an Extinction Rebellion event – It’s to Die For!

When: Wednesday, August 7th, please arrive between 3:30 and 3:45pm.

Where: The park at the corner of Congress and North streets in Boston. We will proceed together to the die-in location. We are targeting a MAJOR PLAYER IN THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY who we hope to take by surprise.

What: Some of us will be laying down and dying on the sidewalk. We will have signs propped next to our corpses (XR will provide them). We’ll set up a crime scene because ecocide is criminal! If you’d rather save dying for another day, there will be a choice of other roles: people to speak, people to hand out information to the public and to employees entering/exiting the building, people to chant & sing, marshals, and people to witness.

A number of other climate activism groups will be joining us.

Note: This is not intended to be an arrestable action. There is always a risk, but our plan is to leave politely when the authorities request it… so we can return to die another day!


Wheelchair accessible.