Democratic Debate with multiple XR Chapters

Multiple chapters of XR New England will gather at the final Democratic debate before the NH primary to draw attention to climate and ecological emergency.

The debate will be held on Friday, Feb 7th, 8pm at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. XR Boston will join XR NH-Monadnock, XR Western Mass, XR VT-Upper Valley, XR VT-Champlain Valley, XR NH-South Central and NH Rebellion (a group started by the infamous Granny D - --focusing on getting money out of politics). There will also be Red Rebels from several of the XR chapters involved.

The action will start with a rally with speakers in Veterans Park in Manchester and then a 2.8 mile march to St. Anselm campus.

Members or XR Boston will plan to arrive by 3:30 at Veteran’s Park. Please RSVP below so we can coordinate carpooling.

Let's make this election about climate justice and keep up pressure to act on climate breakdown and ecocide. We can’t let our leaders off the hook and treat this as any other issue - it is a matter of life or death for every person and every creature on Earth.


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