Community Meeting

Feb 25

It's been a year since this global pandemic began, a year of isolation from friends and family, and another year that our government has failed to act on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. We are grieving for the planet that we love. All is not lost -- join this community meeting to find connection in ecological despair and to find strength in what we love in this world. We will explore these themes through a listening circle. In addition, there will be a brief presentation on the historical precedents of civil disobedience and a recap of XR Boston's non-violent civil disobedience work.

Make time on Thursday 2/25 for a much-needed regenerative space. The meeting will end a little after 8pm.

RSVP above to receive the Zoom link an hour before the meeting. (Late to RSVP? No worries, we'll be checking for last-minute RSVPs before the meeting begins.)