Art Saturation


Join us as we saturate our communities with Extinction Rebellion art and messages. Our world is facing profound climate, health and social emergencies and we need all hands on deck to make a better and just world. All day on Saturday June 6th rebels are going to install XR art and symbology around greater Boston in areas where people are walking and biking. This is a distributed art installation project that will continue throughout the summer - more calendar events are to come. When planning to install XR art in public spaces it is important to consider the personal distancing that is critical to supporting public health and safety. Please take pictures of the art you install and send them to xr.boston.art@protonmail.com - we want to make some digital collages of your work.

Our last workshop was on making stencils. Here is a cool video from rebels in the UK on stencil making. The Art WG will be doing some stenciling for the 6/6 art saturation. We are accumulating some cool distributed art making skills through our workshop series.

This document contains links to a number of artistic resources that you could use for inspiration in designing your installations. The document also suggests methods to install them and elaborates on the motivation behind this action.


This event is wheelchair accesible.