Preview of Upcoming XR Actions

Jul 18

Extinction Rebellion is getting busy this summer! We have 3 larger local actions and 3 regional campaigns underway. Come learn what we are up to. We will give a ~7 minute summary for each of the actions/campaigns and share next steps for getting involved. We have roles for people of all experience levels and risk levels. Think of this as speed dating for actions 😛

Here's our local actions:

  • Visioning action in the seaport district in collaboration with a documentary film crew
  • Environmental justice coalition action targeting the Baker administration for their climate justice crimes
  • Environmental Justice in support of Green Roots in their fight against the East Boston electrical sub station

And here are our regional campaigns:

  • Line 3: Indigenous territory in Minnesota is being torn apart by a new pipeline being built by Enbridge; help slow and stop the progress of Line 3
  • VT Green Mountain Logging: 40,000 acres of the Green Mountains are slated to be logged this winter on state lands
  • UN COP + Agriculture Conference: The UN in NYC has multiple large events coming up this year - they are hosting a conference on agriculture and are a location to show up during the global COP climate negotiations

This session will run July 18th from 10am to 1130am EST! If you can't make it but want to learn more, please email gaiawarrior@protonmail.com.

The meetings will be at this link.

Hope to see you there! In love and rage <3