Preview of Upcoming XR Actions

Jul 06

Extinction Rebellion is getting busy this summer! We have 3 larger local actions and 3 regional campaigns underway. Come learn what we are up to. We will give a ~7 minute summary for each of the actions/campaigns and share next steps for getting involved. We have roles for people of all experience levels and risk levels. Think of this as speed dating for actions 😛

Here's our local actions:

  • Visioning action in the seaport district in collaboration with a documentary film crew
  • Environmental justice coalition action targeting the Baker administration for their climate justice crimes
  • Environemntal Justice in support of Green Roots in their fight against the East Boston electrical sub station

And here are our regional campaigns:

  • Line 3: Indigenous territory in Minnesota is being torn apart by a new pipeline being built by Enbridge; help slow and stop the progress of Line 3
  • VT Green Mountain Logging: 40,000 acres of the Green Mountains are slated to be logged this winter on state lands
  • UN COP + Agriculture Conference: The UN in NYC has multiple large events coming up this year - they are hosting a conference on agriculture and are a location to show up during the global COP climate negotiations

We have 2 sessions. July 1st from 5 to 630pm and July 6th from 7 to 830pm EST. Come to either! And if you can't make either but want to learn more, please email gaiawarrior@protonmail.com.

The meetings will be at this link.

Hope to see you there! In love and rage <3