XRDC Action Planning Workshop

If you’re a member of an XR local group or XR neighborhood group and you’re interested in planning your own actions, but you’re not sure where to start, join XRDC for this Action Planning Workshop for a comprehensive overview of the basics of action planning!

Actions are the lifeblood of the global XR movement. Good actions are the difference between growth and stagnation, between making a difference and being ignored. Learn how to think about and plan actions!

This workshop will cover the full action planning process, from choosing a strategic target, coming up with action logic, and identifying tactics, to the logistical nuts and bolts of making the action happen. The session will be led by XRDC’s action working group coordinator, who has been deeply involved with all of XRDC’s major actions.

Although this workshop is intended for and most relevant to members of XR action working groups, all are welcome to attend.

Run time - 6 to 8pm EST.

Use this link to register:



action planning workshop aug.JPG