Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training

XR Boston hasn't had an XR non-violent direct action training (to join an affinity group and be prepared to participate in civil disobedience) since covid. But our training team has qualified the XR Chicago online trainings coming up as a training that would qualify you to participate in these things for XR Boston. If you do choose to go to this training, please email so we can help connect you with a Boston XR affinity group.

How do rebels respond to a pandemic and lockdown? Resiliently, of course!

In light of COVID, Extinction Rebellion Chicago has put its Non-Violent Direct Action training online. The training will take place on Zoom on four consecutive Saturdays— September 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, and Oct 17 from 2–4 p.m.—as well as in asynchronous small-group discussions in Keybase. The goal of the training is to prepare participants to plan and carry out a COVID-appropriate non-violent direct action during the last week of August.

  • Learn about Extinction Rebellion and other local activist groups, as well as about the use of affinity groups to mass mobilize climate-related activism.

  • Explore NVDA possibilities in the categories of social media messaging, real-world messaging (e.g., postering, pop-up art), digital pranks (think the Yes Men), vehicle actions (e.g. kayaktivism), and resistance/resilience actions such as planting trees and creating mini-gardens--as well as other categories that you come up with!

  • Work with a provisional affinity group to plan an action, propose it to the larger group, revise it in accord with feedback, and possibly figure out how to collaborate or coordinate with other affinity groups.

  • Participate in an action planned by XR Chicago or other environmental or social justice group, as a form of hands-on learning, team-building, and solidarity.

  • Consult with XR Working Groups, National Lawyers Guild lawyers, and other experts about the kinds of support your action might require.

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ALSO - please RSVP on this page so that XR Boston can properly place you in an affinity group within our Boston chapter. If you have any questions for XR Boston about this training, please connect with us by emailing




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