[Justice Soldiarity] Community/Youth Black Out

The Community; For Us By Us collective of Cambridge, MA is organizing a peaceful and safe socially distanced event titled “Community/Youth Black Out” with the purpose of reminding our Black, Brown and low-income youth and families for a day to imagine and reimagine what our communities can look like without police/careral violence.

We will be hosting this event at Danehy park on August 15th from 4-6PM with stations ranging from art building, to open mics, sports and much more. We will also have catering from Black-owned/accomplice businesses from Cambridge. To ensure safety, there will be PPE stations all around Danehy Park, all led and run by Black and Brown youth of Cambridge, as well as 2-3 volunteer marshals at each station to further enforce social distancing.

We are here to bring members of our community together to enjoy food, socially distanced games, art and much more—to reimagine what safety, fun and community care can look like for us, by us.


Sidewalk accessible - some activities may not be fully accessible

black out youth.JPG