NVDA training

Learn how to take part in XR actions at this NVDA training series! You will learn about engaging in non-violent civil disobedience and have the opportunity to form an affinity group, which is your creative team and support system for Extinction Rebellion actions. Bring people who you would like to form an affinity group with! You can also make one with fellow rebels that you meet while you're here.

Event logistics

Time: Saturday October 26, 9am until 3pm. Please arrive at 8:50am to give yourself time to settle before the training begins, and please plan to stay the entire time.

Location: First Church Somerville, in Duhamel Hall


We recommend that you attend an 'Heading for Extinction' talk and an XR orientation before you attend our NVDA training. You can find these events on our calendar. We recommend these because understanding the climate science and more about XR will help you figure out how you'd like to be involved.

If you cannot attend these events, you are still welcome to attend the training. Instead of the in-person events, you may want to watch a version of the Heading for Extinction talk online (e.g. here).

What to bring

  • wear comfortable clothes

  • your own plate, cup, and cutlery to minimize waste. We will provide snacks and drinks during a short break -- no disposable plastic water bottles please!

  • if you have them, people who you would like to form an affinity group with. Don't worry if you can't, there will be amazing fellow rebels for you to build community with at the training!

  • this training is free. If you would like to and can bring a contribution, we will collect cash donations to cover our costs at the end of the session.

Preparation for Civil Disobedience. Honoring the movements we stand on. Building community for action.

Contact action.care.xrmass@gmail.com with questions.


Please let us know any accessibility concerns you have by emailing action.care.xrmass@gmail.com.

Building accessibility: First Church Somerville is wheelchair accessible, with a ramp outside our Francesca Avenue entrance, a small elevator between our first and second floors, and a large unisex bathroom on our ground floor.

The training involves several sections, and we always let people know ahead of time in order to give people the option to participate:

  • group and partner discussion

  • some roleplays which may involve aggression and loud noise

  • exercises which involve some gentle movement

We can often structure exercises to include people of various levels of mobility, so please let us know about what might help you.

Please notify us if there are any accommodations (e.g. childcare, ASL interpreter) would allow you to participate. We would do our best to set it up for this training and if we cannot, we will definitely look ahead to a future training.